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AI powered job search platform that helps companies find perfectly fitting candidates

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A heads up for those who got here before others did: work on your Codewars and FreeCodeCamp profiles to prove your expertise.

Advantages for candidates

Skills verification

OfferHeap uses advanced validation technologies that will help you confirm your skills

Automated job offer search

Our AI will find the jobs that best suit your skills for you

Complete anonymity

We will not share you private data with the employer without your consent

Looking for qualified professionals?

OfferHeap will help you filter out those ‘pretty’ resumes from junior/middle developers with no confirmed skills or expertise

Advantages for companies

Verified professionals

You will only receive job applications from validated candidates

Advanced filters

Find a candidate that perfectly fits your requirements

Precise recommendations based on AI

Our proprietary AI engine will take your needs and feedback into consideration

For educational institutions:

We will gladly help your best students find their first job, sign up as an educator and we will get in touch with you

Advantages for educators

Employ your best students faster

We will show you how and guide you through the process

Advertise your institution

Lots of people will learn about you!

Contacts with companies

Get direct contacts with employers who will gladly take your top graduates

Do you want to invest in the project?

We are considering external investments, get in touch with us if you are interested:

J. Savickio g.4-7, Vilnius, Lietuva+370 68 30 61